We process and recycle all types of scrap metal such as copper, steel, iron, brass, lead, radiators, motors, stainless steel, aluminium, phosphorous bronze borings, pyro and electrical cables to name a few. As part of the process, we meticulously sort and resort each item of scrap to ensure we recycle are every last gram. plastic coated cable is striped an even the plastic is sent for recycling.

EU Metal Recycling % Metals Recycled Energy Saved
Aluminium 39% 95%
Copper 32% 85%
Lead 74% 60%
Steel 42% 62-74%
Zinc 20% 60%

Metal Recycling Facts

Did you know that from producing new steel from recycled there is a massive 86% reduction in air pollution, a 40% reduction in water use and 76% reduction in water pollution. So recycling as much ferrous and non-ferrous metal as possible really makes sense.

Protection of the environment is a top priority. We ensure any and every waste product is handled safely and effectively under our Environment Agency permit.

With our scrap metal recycling facility being easily accessible from Chester, North Wales (including Flintshire, Denbighshire and Wrexham), Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, Wirral and Liverpool, just get in touch today to get the best prices for your scrap metal.