Best prices paid for scrap metal. Call us on 01244 888 606 for the latest prices for scrap metal we can recycle.

The metal trading markets are monitored closely to give your the very best, up-to-the-minute price for your scrap metal. Everything is weighed using calibrated digital scales. So everything is accurate. You will receive a full receipt itemising what we have bought from you and the weight of each type of scrap.

Scrap Metal We Recycle
Aluminium Cans Aluminium Insulating Cable
Aluminium Cast Aluminium Irony
Aluminium Clean Wheels Aluminium Litho Plates
Aluminium Comm Pure Aluminium Old Rolled
Aluminium H30 Aluminium Radiators
Aluminium HE9 Clean (Quad) Aluminium Swarf
Aluminium HE9 Painted (Quad) Aluminium/Copper Radiators
Brass – AB solids Brass Mixed Honey
Brass – Rod Swarf/Night Brass Water Meters
Brass – Swarf No2 Brass/Copper Rads
Catalytic Converters
Chrome Iron
Comm Phosphorous Bronze
Copper – Braziery Copper – Household Cable
Copper – Clean Flat Electro Copper – Household Cable A Grade
Copper – Cylinders Copper – Low Grade Cable
Copper – Dry Bright Wire Copper – New Tube Candy
Copper – Elements Copper – No1 Wire
Copper – Greasy Bright Wire Copper – No2 Wire
Copper – Hard drawn Wire Copper – Radiators
Copper – Heavy 98%
Gunmetal Borings
High Grade Cable
Iron – Heavy No1 Iron – Light FF
Iron – Light Clean FF8C Iron – P & G
Lead Lead Wash Radiators
Lead Acid Batteries
Motors – Electric Motors – Fridge
Phosphorous Bronze Borings
Pyro – Clean Pyro – PVC
Stainless Steel – 18/8 Stainless Steel Swarf – 18/8
Stainless Steel – 20-5 Stainless Steel Swarf – 316
Stainless Steel – 316
Thermal Break We also process WEEE