Do you adhere to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013?


Yes we do.

The new all encompassing Scrap Metal Dealers Act came into effect from 1st October 2013. This will replace the entire 1964 act and close off loopholes in the cashless payment process. It will also give powers to local authorities and the police to revoke licences where they merely suspect illegal trading in scrap metal. Magistrates will have the power to issue unlimited fines to any trader found to be dealing in cash.

These measures have been enforced to stem the estimated 1000 metal thefts in the UK each week. These thefts include war memorials, lead from church roofs and copper piping from schools. Even cables under the road and on railway lines have been stolen resulting in loss of telephone service and train delays and cancellations.

The cost to the UK economy is estimated to be £220 million per year. Since the launch of the new cashless law in December 2012, indications are that the measure has reduced this crime by 50%.